ZEDX Solutions GmbH
Transforming your Billing Process

Who is ZEDX Solutions

The company was founded by Nir Ben Ami as a spin-off from Nintu Informatik. 

Nir is an IT professional with comprehensive business/technical skill set and expertise in business process management (BPM), enterprise application integration (EAI), business transformation, process improvement, systems integration, Middleware, testing/quality assurance, software development, customer support, customer workshops, web services, XSLT mapping, Order Fulfilment & Procurement, Electronic documents exchange.

Proficient problem-solver who envisions technical perspectives to develop workable solutions. LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/nir-ben-ami-b7849a1

12 years SAP Internal employee. 23 years experience in the E-Invoicing market. 13 years experience in the IATA SIS market.  


eBill with PostFinance, partners:


More than 30 eBill customers in all sectors: retail, insurance, energy, services, public, education....

IATA SIS Integration for Airlines and suppliers (12 projects):